Are you eligible to apply for citizenship?

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Have lived in Canada for 3 out of the last 5 years
  • Prove your language skills – individuals between the ages of 18 and 54 on the date they sign the application must meet the minimum language requirements in either English or French
  • No criminal convictions or other inadmissibility
  • Passing the citizenship test

Physically present in Canada

Before you apply for citizenship you must ensure that you have been physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days (3 years) during the last 5 years before the date you sign the application.

*Tip: Use a travel journal to keep track of the trips you’ve taken out of Canada and the days spent away so you can accurately calculate your physical presence.

Language Skills

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 54 you must meet the minimum language requirements in English or French.

Which Documents are Required?

  • Original printout of the physical presence calculator
  • Application for Canadian Citizenship
  • Photocopies of the biographical pages of all valid and expired passports or travel documents
  • Photocopies of two pieces of personal identification documents
  • Photocopies of your proof of language proficiency
  • Proof of income tax filing
  • Original police clearance certificates
  • Proof of Application fee payment

This is just a general list of documents; additional supporting documents may be required depending on individual circumstances.

Processing Time

The currently processing is approximately 12 months. Your application may be delayed or returned if it is incomplete.

The citizenship application is a paper-based application, the package must be mailed to the respective intake center. It cannot be submitted online.

Citizenship Test

Once your application is processed you will receive a Notice to Appear for the test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice and true or false mixed questions and is 30 minutes long. You need to get 15 correct answers to pass the test.

The questions are about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and Canada’s history, geography, economy, laws, government, and symbols. IRCC provides a free study guide to help you prepare for the test – Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.


After the test you will meet with a citizenship official for a chitchat. The citizenship official may provide you the results of your test, check your language skills, go through the documents in your application, and ask you any questions.

You Passed!

Once you pass the language test, and meet all other requirements, you will be provided a scheduled date for your oath ceremony, where you will be sworn in as a Canadian citizen.

What if I Failed Citizenship Test?

If you do not pass the written test but meet all the other citizenship requirements, you will get a second chance. Your second test date will take place between 4 to 8 weeks after the first one and may be longer.

If you do not pass the second time around, you will be required to attend a hearing with a citizenship official. The hearing will in-person or via video conference and will be used to assess one of more requirements for citizenship.

Unfortunately, if you don’t pass the test after the third try, your citizenship application will be refused. However, you are still eligible and can reapply.

The process of being finally on your way to obtaining Canadian citizenship can be very exciting. At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , we work with you to accurately prepare your documents and  ensure a smooth process without any further delays because Hey, you have waited long enough!

Other Considerations

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , we also assist with applications beyond citizenship:

Dual Citizenship

If you’re a citizen of another country, you do not need to renounce that citizenship to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Canada recognizes dual citizenship. However, you should confirm that your current country of nationality recognizes dual citizenship and ensure you meet any necessary requirements. For example – Australia recognizes dual citizenship whereas India does not. An Indian national will need to give up their Indian citizenship before applying for Canadian citizenship.

Renounce Canadian Citizenship

As crazy as it may sound, sometimes it is in the best interest of an individual to renounce their Canadian citizenship. The top two reasons for renouncing Canadian citizenship are Taxes and the desire to permanently move to a country that does not allow dual citizenship. It is a relatively simple application with an approximately 6 months processing time.

Resume Canadian Citizenship

People are always changing their minds and the Canadian immigration process is very accommodating and understanding. Canada allows you to resume or regain your citizenship status after you held it and then renounced it. You must show evidence of previous citizenship and the subsequent cessation of status and that you have been successfully admitted back into Canada again under PR status.

How We Can Help

Are you close to reaching your goal of finally becoming a Canadian Citizen?
Applying for Citizenship can be a time-consuming and confusing process due to all the requirements, fees, and steps to be taken. At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives are highly trained and experienced with Citizenship applications. We can thoroughly guide you through the process to ensure the best possible chances of success.

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