Received a removal order to leave Canada? We can help you re-enter Canada.

What is an Authorization to Return?

An Authorization to Return to Canada grants you permission to enter Canada after being issued a removal order.

What is a Removal Order?

A removal order signifies that you are no longer allowed to stay in Canada.

It is important to determine which type of removal order you received to determine your plan of action to re-enter Canada and to determine if you require an Authorization to Return to Canada.

NOTE: A Direction to Leave Canada is not a removal order.

There are 3 Types of Removal Orders:

Deportation Order

This order requires an Authorization to Return to Canada. There are no exceptions.

If your deportation order was issued due to criminal inadmissibility, in addition to an ARC, you may also be required to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation and/or a Temporary Resident Permit.

Departure Order

If you received a departure order, you will need to (1) exit Canada within 30 days of the order and (2) inform your departure with an immigration officer at the port of exit before leaving.

If you left Canada more than 30 days after receiving your order or without confirming your departure with an immigration officer, you will require an ARC to re-enter Canada.

NOTE: If you left Canada within 30 days of your order and informed the immigration officer of your departure, you do not need an ARC to return to Canada.

Exclusion Order

You will only need an ARC if you decide to return to Canada within 12 months of being issued the exclusion order. If you decide to return to Canada after 12 months has passed since your exclusion order was issued, you do not need an ARC.

How to Build a Strong ARC Application

Applying for an ARC is not a straightforward process, just because you are eligible does not guarantee an approval.

The key to compiling a strong and convicting ARC application is to get into the mind of immigration officers and understand that they are looking for.

Factors to Address in your ARC application:

  • Reason(s) to Enter Canada
  • Proof that you will not repeat the behavior which led to your removal order
  • Reasons for your removal order
  • Your current circumstances
  • How long has it been since removal order was issued?

How We Can Help

Being granted an Authorization to Return to Canada is not easy or common. It requires proof that you have a genuine reason to enter Canada and that you have addressed the reasons for your initial removal order.
Your story and supporting documentation must be detailed, complete, and persuasive to allow you the best chances of success.

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives understand what immigration officers are looking for and can help you prepare a strong and convincing application.

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