Convicted of an Offense in Canada?

We can help you obtain a record suspension and permanently resolve your criminal inadmissibility troubles.

What is a Record Suspension?

A record suspension erases certain Canadian criminal convictions from the Canadian Police Information Centre. This process was previously known as a pardon.

Obtaining a record suspension can remove many barriers for people, including access to employment and even those planning to become a sponsor.

When Can You Apply?

Anyone applying for a record suspension must have completed all components of their sentence (ex. probation, fines, community service)

After completing your sentence, you must also follow a waiting period before applying, depending on the type of offence you were convicted of.

  • Summary Offence(s) – 5 years after completion
  • Indictable Offence(s) – 10 years after completion

What are the Limits of a Record Suspension

Record suspensions are not the cure for all criminal convictions. There are limitations:

  • A record suspension does not apply to sexual offences related to children
  • A record suspension does not apply if you were convicted of 4 or more “indictable” offences and each of those offences resulted in a prison sentence of at least 2 years

A record suspension does not erase a conviction. It sets it aside.

This means that the court still has a “non-public” record of your conviction. The good news is that you are free to declare that you have never been convicted of a criminal offence.

A record suspension may not solve your inaudibility problems in other countries

Other countries have their own approach to criminal law which may differ from Canada. This means that a Canadian record suspension may not apply to other countries when applying for a visa.

Sex Offences are flagged

If you were convicted of a crime that was sexual in nature (not involving children), the Canadian Police Information will keep a record of your offence. It will only be used if you apply for occupations in the vulnerable sector area.

How We Can Help

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives are experience in humanitarian and compassionate application in all areas of immigration.

We can guide you through each step of the process, ensuring you compile a strong and convincing application which persuades the officer in showing compassion towards your situation

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