Bring your children to Canada permanently

What is a Dependent Child?

The definition of ‘dependent child’ for immigration purposes is:

  • Under 22 years old and they do not have a spouse or common law partner
  • Over 22 years old and not financially independent due to a mental/physical condition, and have depended on financial support from parents/guardians since before 22

dependent child is also:

  • The biological children of the sponsor or sponsor’s spouse; or
  • Adopted by the sponsor or their spouse in order to be sponsored

NOTE: So long as the application is submitted before your child(ren) turns 22 years old, the application age will be ‘locked-in’ no matter the processing time

Financial Support

Generally, there is no income require to sponsor your dependent child. However, you must demonstrate that you are financially capable of providing for your child.

Can I Sponsor a Dependent child?

  • Over 18 years old
  • Citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and currently live in the country
  • Not receiving social assistance from public funds (disabilities accepted)
  • No criminal convictions relating to violence
  • Must undertake to provide for the financial, medical, and other needs of your dependent child

NOTE: If your dependent child(ren) has any children, then the sponsor must meet a minimum income requirement depending on the size of your family

Validity of the Relationship

To sponsor your dependent child(ren), you must demonstrate the validity of the relationship. This is important, as numerous international treaties and Canadian criminal law regulate the taking of children across international borders

Relationship with Child

The sponsor must show that they have a relationship with the child or children. Proof of the relationship can include, but is not limited to, the birth certificate showing the name of the sponsor, or, if the child was adopted, an adoption certificate. At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES, our experienced representatives can examine these documents, and recommend other documents that may strengthen the application.

Non-Accompanying Parent

If one of your parents will not accompany you to Canada, your non-accompanying parent must sign a declaration, giving permission to the child to leave the country to live with the sponsoring parent in Canada

How We Can Help

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives are highly successful with child sponsorship applications.

Sponsoring your dependent child(ren) is very exciting, but also stressful and time consuming at the same time, for those who have never sponsored a child before. At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , we guide you through each step of the process to ensure you compile a strong and convincing

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