When can I renew my PR Card?

The answer: If your PR card is within 9 months of expiration, you may apply for a PR Card Renewal.

As a permanent resident, your Permanent Residency (PR) card is an extremely important identification document to hold onto, whether working, studying in Canada, or when travelling abroad. Since you gain it after an often-lengthy application process, PR cards usually last five years, far longer than a visa, study, or work permit.

Nevertheless, if you have less than half a year of validity remaining, you should strongly consider applying for a renewal, so that you can receive a replacement card before the old one expires, as an expired card will not allow you back into Canada if you are abroad (apart from a private vehicle).

Note: The majority of PR card renewals must be done while inside Canada. Outside Canada, PR Card renewals are a more difficult and complex process that involves humanitarian and compassionate considerations.

Am I Eligible to Renew my PR Card?

A permanent resident card is issued on the assumption that the applicant plans to permanently reside in Canada, and eventually become a citizen.

The primary requirement to satisfy is proof that you have or will meet your residency obligations within the last 5 years of being a permanent

Residency Obligation

Residency obligation requires you to be physically present in Canada for a minimum of 2 years within the 5 years of being a permanent resident.

If you have been a permanent resident in Canada for less than five years, you must show that you will be able to meet the minimum of 730 days of physical presence in Canada within five (5) years of the date you became a permanent resident.

Exceptions to the Physical Presence rule

  • If you accompanied a Canadian citizen, who is your spouse, common law partner, or parent.
  • If you worked outside Canada for a provincial government, the federal government.
  • If you accompanied another Canadian permanent who worked outside Canada for a provincial government, the federal government, and the resident is your spouse, common law partner, or parent.

You must provide evidence of any of the above exceptions, such as proof of the relationship, the person’s PR/citizenship status, employment, a company’s existence in Canada, etc. If you do not provide sufficient evidence, it will not be counted towards your residency requirement.

Application Process

If you have sufficient proof of residency, the application process is similar to the requirements for your initial PR application.

Just as in an initial PR application, it is important that the form be fully complete with accurate and truthful information.

Urgent Processing

In certain emergency situations, such as a serious illness of a family members which requires you to travel urgently and thus cannot afford to wait for the ordinary processing time, you may qualify for urgent processing.

Urgent processing cuts your PR Renewal application process down to 3 months. You must include proof of the urgency to be granted an expedited procedure.

After Submitting

If the application is successful, you will be either mailed your new PR card or contacted to know when and where to pick up your PR card.

If an in-person appointment at an IRCC office occurs, you will need to show the originals of any photocopied documents you included in your application, such as your expiring original PR card.

How We Can Help

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives have done PR card renewal application, both for routine and urgent situations. We can guide you through each step of the process. We have success with both inland PR renewal applications and more complex PR renewal which include humanitarian and compassionate consideration.

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