Utilize your skills and experience to help the British Colombia economy and become a permanent resident.

What is the British Columbia Immigrant Nominee Program?

To encourage immigration to the province of British Colombia, the province nominates individuals based on work skills, experience, and education to improve its economy. The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program partners with the federal government to nominate candidates for permanent residency.

There are currently 3 streams under the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

  • Skills Immigration
  • British Columbia Express Entry Stream
  • BC PNP Tech Pilot
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

NOTE: Requirements can change over time, and streams can be opened or closed without warning by the province.

If the stream is through Express Entry, you must create an IRCC profile and show you are interested in settling in British Colombia to receive nomination. Find out more about Express Entry

Skills Immigration

This stream includes the following sub-categories of skilled work:

Healthcare professional

Those who have valid job offers from a BC employer as nurses, doctors, psychiatric nurses, or other health professionals.

Entry level and Semi-skilled

Those who have work experience in tourism, trucking, hospitality or food processing or those with entry-level or semi-skilled work experience who are living and working in the Northeast Development Region of BC.

Skilled Worker

Those who have a valid job offer in a technical, management, trade, or skilled occupation.

International Graduate

Those who have a valid job offer from a BC employer and have graduated from a Canadian university in the last 3 years.

International Post-Graduate

Those who have graduate from a BC institution in science and intent to pursue further education in technology, healthcare, or applied sciences.

British Columbia Express Entry Stream

You may apply under the same sub-categories as those in the Skills Immigration stream.

You must first create an Express Entry profile and qualify under one of the three federal immigration programs

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class)

Periodic draws are made from the Express Entry pool of candidates, with those scoring the highest receiving a Notification of Interest letter in their Express Entry profile, which they must accept within 30 days.

You must then use your Notification of Interest to complete your application for nomination under the BC PNP Portal.

After receiving your certificate of nomination, you will receive an Invitation to Apply under your Express Entry profile, which you will use to apply for permanent residency.

BC PNP Tech Pilot

This stream covers 29 eligible high-tech occupations and is designed for BC’s technology sector to recruit skilled candidates quickly and easily from around the world.

You must have a job offer that is at least 1-year in length and you do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Application Process

  • Create an online profile using the BC PNP portal
  • Select one of the 29 eligible occupations
  • Submit your profile into the pool until you receive an Invitation to Apply from the province
  • Accept the Invitation to Apply within 30 days and complete your application for nomination through the BC PNP portal
  • Receive your Confirmation of Nomination
  • Apply for permanent residency

NOTE: you may request a work permit support letter which allows you to apply or renew your work permit while your permanent residency application is being processed.

Entrepreneur Immigration

In British Columbia, there are 2 Investor Business Immigration programs:

  • Regional Pilot: oriented towards individuals who wish to operate a business in small communities within British Colombia
  • Base Category: orientated for individuals intending to run their business anywhere in the province

Application Process

STEP 1: Create an Online Profile

An applicant must first create an online profile on BC’s Provincial Nominee Program website.

Profiles above the minimum point entry criteria are entered into a pool of candidates. Those selected will receive an invitation to Apply.

Once you have been invited, you will have 4 months to submit your application, during which you must demonstrate your:

  • business plan
  • strategy for entering the BC market successfully
  • net worth (as reviewed by a BC PNP authorized accounting firm)
  • Ownership/investment amounts
  • Ability to general significant economic benefit will (including hiring at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident)

In-Person Interview and Performance Agreement

There may also be an in-person interview during this process. If approved, the applicant signs a performance agreement with the province, given 20 months to meet establish the business on the agreed-upon terms, and write a report at the end of that period.

STEP 2: Apply for Permanent Residency

If all requirements are met, and you have satisfied all requirements and obligations, you will be nominated by the province, and issued a Confirmation of Nomination.
You will use this Confirmation of Nomination to apply for permanent residency via paper or through the Express Entry System.

How We Can Help

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives help clients become nominated by provinces all over Canada, including British Colombia, ensuring they secure their nomination and achieve permanent residency.

Our representatives are up to date with all the provincial nominee program requirements and can help you select the program which best suits your situation. Provincial nominee program applications can be tiresome and complex. Our representatives are here to alleviate your stress and worries and guide you towards your dream in becoming Canadian permanent residents.

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