Utilize your skills and experience to help the Ontario economy and become a permanent resident.

To encourage immigration to the province of Ontario, the province nominates individuals based on work skills, experience, and education to improve its economy. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) partners with the federal government to nominate candidates for permanent residency.

There are 6 Steams under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program:

  • Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream
  • PhD Graduate Stream
  • Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Skilled Trades Stream
  • Entrepreneur Stream

ONIP and Express Entry

Certain Ontario PNP programs allow you to use your nomination in the Express Entry system. A nomination from Ontario will allow you to claim 600 points in your Express Entry profile.
This means if you qualify for one of the Express Entry programs (CEC, FSW, FST), you are guaranteed an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency.

Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream

This is a stream for foreign workers both inside and outside Canada who have a job offer in Ontario and prior work experience in the province.

The full list of eligible occupations includes:

  • NOC 3413 – nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
  • NOC 4412 – home support workers and related occupations, excluding housekeepers
  • NOC 7441 – residential and commercial installers and servicers
  • NOC 7511 – transport truck drivers
  • NOC 9462 – industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and
  • NOC 7521 – heavy equipment operators (except crane)
  • NOC 7611 – construction trades helpers and labour
  • NOC 8431 – general farm workers
  • NOC 8432 – nursery and greenhouse workers
  • NOC 8611 – harvesting labour related workers


Work Experience

9+ months of full-time experience working in Ontario under an eligible occupation. At least 30 hours of paid work per week in those nine months is required

Job Offer

Full-time and permanent, at or above the median wage in the job market and be necessary for the employer’s business.


Minimum CLB 4 score in all language categories (written, speaking, listening, reading)


Minimum high school (or a foreign equivalent),

Settlement Funds

You must show enough funds to settle in Ontario, which can be shown through your job offer and its compensation and/or through financial documents.

PhD Graduate Stream

This stream is geared towards international students who obtained a PhD in Ontario in the previous two years. It must have been from an eligible university in Ontario, with at least two years of studies.

You do not need a job offer to apply and must have valid legal status in Canada.

Before applying, the graduate must have lived for at least one of the last two years in Ontario, and shown their intent to remain in the province, which are shown through their ties to the province.

As with the job-offer stream, you must show there is enough money for you and any family to settle in Ontario.

Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

This stream is for skilled works that are bilingual (English & French).
In this stream, an applicant must maintain an Express Entry profile and quality under FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) or CEC (Canadian Experience Class) while applying for nomination.


Work Experience

Must have been obtained in the last 5 years, either in Canada or abroad (depending on the Express Entry program you are applying under)


Minimum CLB 7 score (French) and CLB 6 score (English) in all language categories (written, speaking, listening, reading)


Minimum high school (or a foreign equivalent),

Settlement Funds

You must show enough funds to settle in Ontario, which can be shown through your job offer and its compensation and/or through financial documents.

Entrepreneur Stream

The Entrepreneur Stream is designed to attract foreign nationals who are either going to:

  • open a new business in Ontario, or
  • buy an existing one.

How does the process work?


The applicant must first make an Expression of Interest (EOI).

This is a self-assessment where you assess how many points you can claim in the following categories: Human Capital, Investment, and Business Concept.

You must also describe your business model, including ability to generate profits, preparations/research you will undertake, how the business will significantly benefit the economy of Ontario, among others. A poor business concept can likely result in a refusal, despite scoring high in the two other categories (Human Capital and Investment).

If the score is high-enough, you will be given an Invitation to Apply when a draw is made (much like the Express Entry program).

The minimum requirements include:

  • At least two years (24 months) business experience, specifically as an owner or senior manager
  • Minimum net worth (depends whether you are investing inside or outside the Greater Toronto Area)
  • Job creation for Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents

In-Person Interview and Performance Agreement

After an application is assessed by Ontario Immigration, there is a mandatory in-person interview at their office, to fully understand both your experience and the business plan.

If successful, the applicant signs a performance agreement, similar to a contract, giving a timeline to establish the business.

Once you have arrived in Ontario, the province will keep track of your progress for 20 months to ensure you comply with all conditions stated in the performance agreement.


Apply for Permanent Residence

After 20 months, you will submit a final report, which Ontario Immigration will evaluate and decide whether to nominate you for the Provincial Nominee Program: Entrepreneurial Stream.

Once you have received the official nomination, you may apply for permanent residency via paper or through the Express Entry system.

Human Capital Priorities Stream

This stream is an Express Entry pool-linked stream for skilled workers.

You must have an active Express Entry profile and qualify under one of the three Express Entry programs (Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker)

The Human Capital Priorities Stream seeks those with experience in specific positions. These positions are chosen after each Express Entry draw.

If your occupation is chosen and you meet the cut-off point score, you will receive a Notification of Interest. This will allow you to apply for nomination under the Human Capital Priority Stream.

After receiving your confirmation of nomination, you will be awarded 600 points in your express entry profile and be issued an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency using the Express Entry System.

Skilled Trades Stream

This is an Express Entry-linked stream and thus you must have an active Express Entry profile.


Work Experience

Minimum of 12 months of full-time (or the equivalent in part-time) work experience in Ontario within two years of receiving your Notification of Interest. Work experience must be in a skilled trade occupation listed in
o Minor Group 633 or Major Group 72, 73, or 82 of the National Occupational Classification (NOC)


A minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in English or French.


Minimum bachelor’s program (or a foreign equivalent),

Currently residing in Ontario with valid work permit

Settlement Funds

You must show enough funds to settle in Ontario, which can be shown through your job offer and its compensation and/or through financial documents.

How We Can Help

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives help clients become nominated by provinces all over Canada, including Ontario, ensuring they secure their nomination and achieve permanent residency.
Our representatives are up to date with Ontario’s provincial nominee program requirements and can help you select the program which best suits your situation. Provincial nominee program applications can be tiresome and complex. Our representatives are here to alleviate your stress and worries and guide you towards your dream in becoming Canadian permanent residents.

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