Get the Canadian Work Experience You Need to Achieve your Goals

Canada welcomes large numbers of foreign workers every year.
Whether you are looking to gain Canadian experience to further your career aspiration in your home country, or helping provide for your family, EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES  can help you achieve your goals.

Work permits are often the first step in immigrating to Canada and getting them right the first time will open the door to many opportunities later. Canadian work experience is highly desirable for those with the goal of becoming permanent residents.

Who Can Apply for a Work Permit?

There are 2 types of work permits:

  • Closed Work Permits
  • Open Work Permits

Closed Work Permits

Closed work permits only allows you to work for a specific employer. For many applicants, they require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Without a positive LMIA, the employer will not be able to offer you a job, even if you are qualified.

Can You Perform the Job Duties?

If you have been given a job offer by a Canadian employer, you will also need to include convincing evidence in your application that you can perform those duties mentioned, just because the employer believes you can do the work does not mean Immigration Canada will.

The job offer is central to work permit applications. It should have a detailed list of duties you will perform, your compensation, and the length of time you will be working (both hours and total period).

Open Work Permits

Unlike a closed (or employer-specific) work permit, which strictly limits you to a particular employer, an open work permit allows you the freedom to work almost anywhere in Canada.

You do not need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and you do not need a job offer.

Who Qualifies for an Open Work Permit?

Permanent Residency Applicants

If you have submitted your permanent residency application and are waiting for the results, you may apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit. Your spouse also qualifies for an Open Spousal Work Permit

Spouse of Worker or Student

If your spouse is currently on a study permit or work permit, you may automatically qualify for an open spousal work permit. This open work permit would be connected to your spouse’s visa.

International Students

If you recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution, you may be eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit, which is also an open work permit.

Refugees, Refugee Claimants, and their family members

Vulnerable workers experiencing abuse form their employer

Workers in an international agreement (ex. Working Holiday Visa)

The working holiday visa program allows young persons aged 18 – 35 years old to apply for a 1-year open work permit. This specific program applies only to certain countries who have made an international agreement with Canada

How to Apply for an Open Work Permit

How to apply for an Open Work Permit depends on your situation.

Permanent Residency and Work Permits

Work permits are generally processed much faster than permanent residency applications. For example, if you are sponsoring your spouse from inside Canada, your spouse can also apply for an open work permit at the same time.

The work permit decision is made halfway through the overall processing time, allowing the applicant your sponsored spouse to begin working sooner, rather than waiting for the permanent residency decision.

Keep in mind that other requirements must also be met. In this case, if a spousal sponsorship application includes an open work permit application, your spouse must also be residing with you at the same address.

Post-Graduate Work Permits

Post-graduate work permits are only given to those who you apply within 180 days of receiving your final grades.

The validity of your post-graduate work permit and depends on the length of your study program. The maximum length is 3 years.

Work Permit Extensions

As with all work permits, there is an expiration date. You must either stop working on that date or apply for an extension before expiration.

Once you have applied for an extension, you have implied status, and can continue working until a decision is made.

NOTE: Some open work permits cannot be renewed, such as a Post-Graduate Work Permit. The validity of your passport may also limit the length of your work permit.

How We Can Help

At EXITUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES , our representatives understand all ins and outs of work permit applications.

We guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you compile a strong and convincing application. For many of our clients, the ability to work and generate an income cannot be overstated. We ensure that you understand and take advantage of the opportunity to work in Canada.

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